With my Training Innovation Program (TIP), I will work with you to develop a training program that will benefit you, your company, and your employees.

Top 10 Reasons To Have A Training Program For Your Company

  • Increase sales and revenue

  • Increase productivity and performance

  • Creates uniformity

  • Helps you create leaders within your organization

  • Helps you and your management team with performance appraisals

  • Shows your employees that you value them and are willing to invest in them

  • Improves skills and knowledge

  • Enhance the knowledge of company policies and goals

  • Improve IT and computer skills

  • Creates a better workplace environment

A Few Different Types Of Training To Offer Your Employees:

  • Management Training

  • Sales Training

  • On-the-Job Training

  • Blended Learning

  • New Hire Onboarding

How does it work?

Evaluating what type of training you are wanting to offer your employees will be the first step. Then, I will assess your specific training demands and your organization's goals and objectives for the short and long-term. Based on your company structure, we will determine the best training methods and the tools necessary for your employees to get to the training that will be offered.

"Bobbi is a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)"

For the last 18 years, Bobbi has been working in the Learning & Development field where she has had the opportunity to train new Corporate Trainers, Subject-Matter Experts (SME's), HR Professionals, and Managers in all different fields.  

What Level Up Facilitation Group Will Do:

Help you assess the training needs by collaboration with the Sr. Leadership/Owners and all staff to gain knowledge of specific training demands

  • Surveys

  • Brainstorming sessions

Assist you in determining the best training methods that work best with your company’s structure

  • Online

  • Classroom

  • Blended

Direct you to the tools necessary for your employees to get to the training information.

Assessment of Business and Training Performance

Assist with content creation

Train your trainer(s)