Bobbi McVey-Blath, CPTM

Owner and Master Trainer at Level Up Facilitation

For the last 18 years, Bobbi has been working in the Learning & Development field where she has had the opportunity to train new Corporate Trainers, Subject-Matter Experts (SME's), HR Professionals, and Managers in all different fields.

Bobbi has facilitated to different audience groups where the topics covered where Better Communication, Understanding Behaviors, Time Management, and Employee Engagement.

As the founder and principal consultant of Level Up Facilitation Group, she serves both B2B and B2C clients in leadership and talent development.

Bobbi prides herself on developing the next generation of Learning & Development and helps small to mid-size organizations in creating training programs that retain and enhance talented employees.

Bobbi's Clifton Strengths:

Communication, Developer, Individualization, Adaptability, WOO

In addition to consulting organizations, Level Up Facilitation Group provides individuals a digital course that helps anyone new to facilitating or seasoned L & D professionals looking to refresh their skills. Trainers, Owners, Supervisors, HR Professionals, or anyone who needs facilitation skills to successfully coach and train others are welcome to enroll in the course. The digital course provides those with busy schedules the flexibility to learn when it is convenient for them during the 4-week course content. Bobbi believes we still have plenty of means and opportunities to learn, communicate and connect with others so let us take your facilitation to the next level.